In this article I will talk about some very important points on why composers, sound designers and audio people in general do it wrong on social media!

Assuming you want to become successful, make yourself a name in the industry or simply want to sell your products, there is more than “Hi, like my page. Bye!” or “Check out my services/products here!”

Now, it is 2019 and I observe a very important aspect to keep in mind. If you are around on all the social networks you realize that Facebook is basically all about cat pictures and political discussion, Instagram seems to be only alive because of bots which follow you and unfollow you even a few hours later in order to raise their accounts follower count, Twitter “seems” to be dead, everyone is scared about the next ONLY 48 HOURS LEFT newsletter … and that’s it

If you say, that you have more important things to do to make people pay attention to your business, then, especially in 2019, this is as suboptimal as to say that you don’t care to leave the door open to bring customers into your restaurant.

Despite to the above mentioned negative things regarding social media, it is simply very important to get into it and get started the right way – then you will stick throughout the rest!

Let’s go through the biggest social networks, let me show you how to get a lot of potential customers or interested people to your social media account and also let’s talk a second about why a mailing list is probably the most important thing of it all!


To start off with a very demotivating thing. If you think that your Facebook page, or the number of likes means something, then you are wrong!

A Facebook page only makes sense if you perfectly know how to run effective ads! Your post on your Facebook page basically doesn’t matter to the outside world, if you don’t know anything about your audience, target groups, customer interests or creating lead ads.

We could fill an entire blog post, actually a full blog on how to do it the right way. However, the best way to start off is with your personal account and by interacting with people!

Let’s pretend we just talk about social networks here, Facebook is the best way to create long term relationships with other people who can become employers, coworkers, bosses, clients or customers! Read about how to get into long term relationships here:

When it comes to Facebook, the keyword is: Interaction! After all it is called social network, not “Hey like my page! Bye!” network!


Instagram is so much more than just spreading a few shots from your studio or create a whipping video of your latest track. If you get serious on Instagram you can actually gain a lot of traffic from it!

First of all, forget about all the automation tools! I checked out a lot of those and, to be honest, with some I was really amazed how easy it works to get followers and to automatically like a comment from someone and get attention without any effort, but generally it is the wrong way, because all these accounts you added will unfollow you again later anyway and it seems like Alexa is talking to Siri. It doesn’t make any sense!

The most important thing when it comes to Instagram is to create original content, use the right hashtags, interact or like comments and post to the right time! This is basically what you have to do!

Also, in times when everything is automated, it is almost something special to send someone a personal message and introduce yourself instead of “Hi [account_name], listen to my latest track and follow me!”

However, there is actually one tool which does wonders and I want to get into this, because you stay the human being you are but it actually saves you quite some hours of necessary work!

The tool I want to talk about is Tailwind, which got a free option!

However, you also have a paid version which gives you more options. The great thing about Tailwind is, that you upload your picture, your blog article (via Tailwind Chrome extension for example) or whatever you want to post, add a little bit of description and then it finds not just the most optimal hashtags for you, but also the most competitive ones!

Last but not least you can add your new Instagram post to a queue which automatically gets your stuff posted to the best available time!

With this tool I got 80 likes and around 25 followers with just one picture in just four hours!

At first it doesn’t sound much, but I also want to keep things a little bit realistic here and not get into the “How I created seven figures business with my Instagram account!”

The great thing about the Tailwind queue is also, that it creates a schedule for you. So assuming you sit down for an hour and take around 30 pictures and load them up to the Tailwind queue, you got content ready spread upon ten days, posted with the most optimal hashtags to the best available times!

All in all, you just spend one hour and you got content ready for the next ten days!

Use this link to get your First Month of Tailwind for free in case you want to upgrade to a Tailwind Plus account

In the end I should also mention that Instagram gets very interesting, once you are past the 10.000 follower hurdle, because then you will be able to put links to your stories, so people will be able to visit your link directly from that Instagram story.

Especially in 2019 and the following years, Instagram stories and IGTV will be probably the most important platform to get traffic!


Many people repeat this over and over again, saying that Twitter is dead, but it is actually not true. You simply don’t know how to handle it. Also if you say something like: “Nah, Facebook is already enough for me” it is basically like saying: “Ah, I am fine with 8 instrument channels!”

Besides that, you have to find out what works best for you. If you limit yourself right from the beginning by not trying and testing out new opportunities, you won’t get that far.

Please forget the thought that setting up a website with a contact form or a CD Baby account, expecting people to message you or buy your new album, because it won’t happen!

As with any other social network, you have to interact with people, use the right hashtags, try to become aware of the hashtag trends and post great original content. Also pay attention to the right time and keep in mind that you can also drown your followers with tweets. It can be that easy – no tools needed, unless you want to clean out the people who weren’t active for over a year or so.


“Wait what??? You’re kidding me! Wasn’t Pinterest this platform full of girls posting pictures of lipsticks and vegan food all day, hahahahah!”

Well, I can tell you that you are absolutely wrong and completely underestimate this platform.

Pinterest is not just a pictures website. It is an entire search engine such as Google! The only difference is, that not links are leading to your website, but pictures do!

Yes, the majority is female, which is very cool by the way … but what if I tell you that Pinterest is the 2nd largest driver of traffic from social media sites (next only to Facebook)?

Here is a very important thing to know about when you are posting stuff to Pinterest. Create one board which contains stuff from only your website and assign this as a featured board on your account. Then create a few other boards and repin stuff from others.

When you design your pins, make sure that they have a size of 800 x 1200 pixels and give them a neat design!

Tailwind, the tool I told you about in the Instagram section can also take care of your Pins – your Pinterest posts!

The coolest feature is, that you can join tribes and submit your pins not directly to your Pinterest account, but also within these tribes which increases your traffic dramatically, because people inside those tribes are able to reshare your content directly without the need to find your stuff on Pinterest!

I decided to test out Pinterest and set up my account a few days ago and I am already at around 3.500 monthly viewers!


I wish I could say a lot more about LinkedIn but wanted to give it a honorable mention. See it as the more serious version of Facebook. I also decided to create my account a few weeks ago and get in contact with all kinds of people from the industry and also see some traffic coming from over there as well!

I will report back as soon as I got some more valuable info from here!

Mailing list

I totally understand. By hearing “mailing list” you already feel traumatized simply by thinking about all the product newsletters, the 50% OFFers, the 48 HOURS LEFTers and all the things which drive so many people crazy!

However, if you are only able to take one valuable advice from this whole post, it is to get a decent mailing list going on, because sooner or later this will become your most valuable thing when it comes to delivering news, offers, information or simply free stuff to share in order to generate traffic or to inspire people!

The simple reason is, Facebook or any other social media platform needs to change just one simple algorithm and your entire previous social media marketing strategy is gone for good!

Back then, you posted a status update and people were able to see it. Today you got a bunch of algorithms going, deciding between posts with or without links. Remember the days when you were able to post a listenable SoundCloud link to your Facebook account and people were able to listen to your music right on Facebook? Boom, gone!

I also tried a bunch of email marketing platforms but my favorite so far is ConvertKit. It is very easy to understand, it is not free (29 USD up to 1000 subscribers) but absolutely worth checking it out, since it offers you a very clean and intuitive way of handling your email business.

To be honest and this is just personal, but I never liked MailChimp. It is cool to check out the whole “email thingy” but once you see the interface and the options, especially the automation, the tagging of users and the email sequence features, it is a totally different world!

With this being said, make sure to let’s keep in contact, just in case the social media world is coming to an end! 😉

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