Finally, the audio world is witnessing the birth of “The Ultimate Music Composer’s Daily Planner”! We can all take a deep breath now, the difficult times are over!

To be serious for a minute, I sat down for a bit and created this daily planner for the aspiring or professional composer, to have all the features at hand we would need and have to take care of during our workday.

Let me give you a quick tour of what you will find on there.

Today’s Goals

Write down all the things you want to get done today. There are just five lines on purpose because you should keep it at a realistic level. If you put too much on that list, you keep stressing yourself and eventually become sloppy.


You will find five points on that checklist which I find essential to take care of. Keep in mind that you are a creative person and your creativity has to keep flowing. If your brain feels blocked, overloaded or exhausted, you can’t be creative. This results in not enjoying what you have to do and your bank account eventually may start crying.

That’s why you should sit back and meditate on a daily level for at least five to ten minutes. Also, a daily walk can do wonders. It is also important to be grateful for this day. Don’t take your current working situation, your bed and the roof above your head for granted!

There is a fifth point on there:: Solved a stressful situation? Whenever you successfully solved a stressful situation during this day, please check it! I will get to that point again a bit later.


Finished tracks start with ideas of melodies, rhythms, and chords. That’s why it is important to put them to paper as quickly as possible!

Today’s Schedule

Put down all your appointments, meetings or scheduled phone calls into this section. This section functions as a timeline through your workday.


In my opinion, this is the most crucial section of this planner. At the end of the day, on a scale from one to ten, write down how creative you felt, how focused you were, how much stress you perceived and your general mood level. If you continue to do this for upcoming days or weeks, you will start to see a pattern over time.

Maybe your stress level was very low on the days you managed to take a walk and meditate? Maybe your mood was down to around two or three, because of a specific meeting on the schedule to the right?

Below that section, you find a little box which is related to the “solved a stressful situation?” question in the checklist on the very top right.

In case you solved a stressful situation, quickly write down what it was about. Maybe you finished a problematic track which wasn’t meant to be completed since weeks.

Whenever you are about to head straight into the next stressful situation, get out your previous daily plans and read through all your solved stressful situations. Stress absolutely doesn’t have a chance anymore, when you quickly review all the things you have already mastered!

*Mission Impossible Theme starts playing*


Well, … notes … why don’t you write down … some things … and notes. Writing down notes can be fun … I am sure you got the best notes!

Procrastination Corner

Whenever you are procrastinating about something it means that you feel stressed and the task may be too complex or difficult before you dive into it. The problem is, once you are done, you always tell yourself: “Now that was easy!?!”

To prevent this, write down your most challenging task, you think it is about time to get solved, into the left field and break it down into smaller bits. Write down these smaller bits into the right section next of the recycle icon.

Could it be that those bits don’t look that challenging anymore when seeing that complicated tasks split up? Now go and get it!

Last but not least pay attention to the very last line at the bottom right.
Before you go to bed make sure to write everything “out of your head” into the next day’s “Today’s Goals” section!

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