You wouldn’t believe how many emails I received during the last years in which aspiring composers told me that I was one of the few who replied to their questions about producing music or how to start in the audio industry.

Also, I met quite a few producers and composers telling me that they would never share their production secrets. Every time I asked why this would be a problem, I received almost the same answer: “Well, others could copy my production style or surpass me!”

I never understood this argument, because why should a simple hint, a production trick or even a more complex workflow, give an aspiring artist the ability to become some clone of a successful producer or let them write music on the same level of a well-established composer?

I would say, if someone thinks that their whole career depends on a few simple studio or production tricks, then I see nothing but some level of insecurities. Besides that, no one should ever take their current success as granted!

Here are three reasons why you should share your production secrets:


Keep in mind that everyone you helped during your career will remember you more or less in the future. Someone you supported a few years ago may acquire a position in a video games company and is currently looking for a coworker on a new project.

Right at this moment you are going through some difficulties and said project might come in handy. Karma is always around the corner!

Growing your follower base

While many people out there think that social media is a waste of time, it should be evident that a decent amount of people who are interested in what you do may quickly turn into paying fans, once you are about to release your album.

By sharing your knowledge in the form of YouTube tutorials, blogs or small courses, you are contributing to the entire community. Especially in the audio industry functioning workflows are based on trial and error, and people who share their knowledge are pure gold and will follow someone like this with great interest!

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“Wow, your track sounds so much better, what happened?”
“Well, there is that cool guy, he told me how to improve my music by paying attention to __________”
“Seriously? I have to check him out!”

Nothing more to add!

Last but not least, be aware that the audio industry can change quickly and it does it a lot! If you think that you will make the same amount of money in ten years by doing whatever you are doing right now, you are skating on very thin ice!

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