Three things happened in my life, making me really realize that the constant process of thinking and worrying doesn’t make sense at all! How I started to worry less!

Do you have a problem in your life?

The first thing was some sort of a “stupid little annoying meme” floating around on Facebook. It was one of those things you see, smile and forget about … but I clearly remember the moment when I’ve seen it the first time, then smiled, took a bit of time to think about it … thought even a bit more … and then suddenly it hit me like a hammer. I am talking about this one:

It was the first time I realized that there is absolutely no need to worry about anything, because it doesn’t make sense at all!Now, the hard part isn’t to understand the logic behind it. The hard part is to recall it, once a worrying thought or situation comes up. To realize that no matter if you can or can’t do anything about your problem – there still is no need to worry about it!

The Tax Letter

My daughter had to spend the first two months, after she was born, in intensive care and underwent two very complicated surgeries in order to have her life saved.  After she got out of hospital, there was a time when I wasn’t really able to work that much and therefore wasn’t making that much money … and if I had time to work, it was just possible for a few hours during the day, simply because there was either a doctor’s appointment, other stuff to organize and care about or I simply wasn’t able to write any music at all!

A bit later that year, I received “that” tax letter, saying that I had to pay the amount of 7000 EUR within the next two weeks! I felt like things are getting out of control (again) and I started to heavily worry. Stomach problems kicked in, I got seriously anxious and my heart rate went up!

When I was finally able to calm myself a little, I realized that – besides receiving a piece of paper with a few written words on it – nothing has happened so far! I somehow became aware, that I did all these things to myself by only thinking about what could go wrong, if I don’t solve this situation successfully!

I started to find solutions on how to get out of that situation. It was basically a mix of selling unused studio stuff on eBay, calling clients and asking for first half payments of projects I was currently working on and getting in contact with the tax office in order to split the payment and buy a bit more time! Last but not least, a little rush job came in and I was also able to finish that pretty quickly.

Long story short, after I solved this whole situation, I even had a bit of money left to take a few days off and started to think about why I worried so much?After all, absolutely nothing happened and there really was no need to worry about anything!

Now, this wasn’t the first time I got into a tricky situation in my life, but it was one of those moments I really got aware of the actual problem: Why did I worry!?

The greatest teacher

As my daughter grew older, the chance that she may be able to talk or walk went to almost zero, … but whenever we spent time together, I realized that she was simply enjoying the moment and it seemed to me that she never worried about anything … basically, just like any other kid!

The more I thought about this, I started asking myself who of us really is the person with the disability. The one who can walk, talk and process stuff logically but on the other hand spent 25% of the day by thinking about what he could have done different in the past and another 25% with crap that didn’t even happen yet … or that little girl who was just aware, present and enjoying every moment of the day!


Now, I don’t want to recommend tax letters and disabled kids to you 😉 … but we all have experienced difficult situations and at the end of the day only one thing matters: To realize, that worrying doesn’t make any sense at all!

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