In this post I wanted to drive your attention to a very helpful smartphone app, I recently got the opportunity to extensively test and use.

The app I am talking about is called SonicTonic and was founded by Sound Branding Consultant and Receptive Sound Therapy Specialist John Groves and his team.

You can check out the website of SonicTonic – which is available for Android and iOS – here:

So let’s dive in a little more

SonicTonic is a non-invasive approach that uses music & sound therapeutically. It takes very little time and effort for it to take effect. It can be used anytime and anywhere and it has no side effects. It’s also perfect for utilizing downtime, such as when waiting or traveling – or instead of checking your social media. And of course, for at home to relieve stress or to get a good nights sleep.

SonicTonics are concentrated sound programmes that are about ten minutes long – perfect for a quick fix. The timer will let you loop them for as long as you want. They contain the techniques that practitioners and users across the world swear by. We have carefully blended these ingredients together to make effective audio remedies that address a wide range of ailments.

SonicTonic overview

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you find yourself in a very easy to navigate experience. There are basically three sections:

My Tonics
Here you can find your already downloaded Tonics, which are the approximately ten minute long audio sessions. “First” and “Sleep Soundly” is already available for free.

Tonic Store
In this section you find a broad variety of all kinds of Tonics, reaching from further Sleep sessions to other sections such as De-Stress, Focus, Change, Relaxation, Pure, CoffeeShop, Universal and The SoundLab.

Each of these sections offer a variety of Tonics. For example, in the section of De-Stress you find Tonics offering you “Switch Off”, “Mind Massage”, “Letting Go” and many others. The price of each Tonic is 30 credits which is 4,99 EUR.

I personally want to add that the price for each of these Tonics is absolutely worth it, because they have been created with a lot of passion and knowledge making them worth more than just the average relaxing tracks which are so often simple and boring 15 to 30 minute loops!

Besides that, hey, we tend to spend 199 EUR or even more for a string sample library which let’s us … yes, create string sounds … until we buy a new one six or twelve months later.

Compared to something which is 4,99 EUR and may change your life forever, it is actually a steal. However, if you stay tuned for a bit longer, I will tell how you can receive credits worth of around 15 EUR for completely free!

Last but not least, you will find lots of valuable information about the science behind SonicTonic, the Ingredients and the team itself.

The Tonics

Each of these tonics are beautifully designed and recorded. While some of the Tonics make use of the binaural technology, others consist of fully composed music, relaxing drone-ish tracks or guided meditations which seem to always be intertwined with the music and the sounds itself.

Below you can check out a little 30 seconds sample “Burnout”

How do 100 credits, worth of 15 EUR for FREE sound to you?

Yep, you have read right. John was so very kind to grant you a 100 credit coupon for the SonicTonic store, enabling you to download Tonics worth of 15 EUR for completely free!

The coupon is valid until the end of February 2019, but you better hurry up because there are just 200 coupons available!

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