In case you make use of these strategies, you should stay away from becoming a composer, because even if you make it into the industry, you won’t become successful anyway! Here are six reasons you shouldn’t become a composer.

1. Instant page like requests

Isn’t it tempting? So many things … pardon me, people you have access to. If they would all like your page, you would have a gazillion page likes on Facebook … and then? You should quickly realize that these numbers on your page means nothing, because of some simple reasons.

Facebook makes use of a specific algorithm which basically says, that if you are not paying for ads, hardly anyone sees the stuff you post!

Furthermore what is your purpose of adding other composers to like your page? Shouldn’t your goal be “to be liked” by people who need your music? Just a thought!

Become aware that behind all these profile pictures are actually real living beings. If you connect people to only use them as some tool to raise your page likes, then you may sooner or later realize that you are just damaging yourself and that building long term relationships is actually the best thing you can do!

Besides all that, please keep in mind that page likes don’t pay your rent!

2. Tagging people in your posts

Did it ever come to your mind that tagging other audio people to a project of yours is not only forcing someone to see your content – I mean, you already posted it on your wall, so people already see it, right? – it also could damage someone?

Imagine you have worked on a trailer track for company A. In your tag rage, you tag someone in your post who works for trailer company B. Suddenly the owner of company B sees one of his writers being “involved” in a project for company A. I think I don’t need to mention the following any further, that right in a moment like this, you may have damaged the working relationship between two people?

3. For the sake of posting

Be aware that it is not clever to simply post or distribute music along the web for the sake of having something distributed. You want to attract the attention of professionals with your music. However, it is also professionals who “sadly” will recognize if someone just sloppily spent a few hours on a track. Even worse: Sharing a track with the excuse of not having enough time to work it out!

Ask yourself how you will persist and survive the audio industry if you’re not even able to finish your application material?

4. Trash talking

You feel like you don’t come along with someone? You think different than others about the business? That’s cool … but please don’t trash talk others in public. Yes, you may have your little followership which will basically like and laugh about what you did, but at the end of the day, you expose yourself as the poor guy with a huge lack of self confidence struggling for attention! No one really likes to work with someone like you!

Be reminded that opinions about people tell more about yourself than the people you are talking about!

5. Never make use of someone

Again, as with basically every point mentioned before, never make use of people! The worst case would be to contact someone to only get in contact with the studio head you are working for! This is just lame!

Become aware that even if the fast lane will work out for you, you will be gone faster than you think. The simple reason is, if getting into a long term relationship with someone is already such a big challenge for you, how will you able to build a full business?

6. Bury your ego

You want to write music for film, theater or video games? Fine! First lesson to learn is to bury your ego! The project you will be working for is called: “That Great Project” … not … “That Great Project featuring the brilliant and awesome music of composer xyz”

Yes, you are the person delivering the soundtrack. Yes, you are the expert! Yes, you are the person being responsible for at least 50% of the audiovisual experience! … but with all these things in mind, realize that this is not your project. It is the project of someone else who had a vision of not just the story, the visual style and the characters, but also the music!

If you think that your music deserves more attention, … publish it on your own!

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