Hey there,

I am really glad you found this page, so I don’t want to waste too many words and get right to the point:

There is an idea swirling around in my brain and right now I decided to let it out since I am convinced it could be a great opportunity for musicians around the world!

We all know there are many great and skilled but unheard musicians out there. My goal is to create a special kind of database which will hopefully lead to many opportunities to all of you!

However, this database will not be some kind of another long boring list hosted on some website no one is visiting anyway.

It will basically be a Kontakt powered sample library featuring an instrument bank/patch for each of you, containing sampled material – most likely some loops!

Imagine a sample library which is basically a huge database of instrumentalists, singers and musicians sitting directly inside the DAW of producers from all around the globe!

… and if said producers would be interested in your service, they would be able to contact you easily via email!

So what next?

First thing is to find out if you are really interested in this. Since this all could get lost within the depths of social networks, I would like to ask you to sign up below and once I am able see where this is heading to, I will let you know regarding further instructions and technical details!

Finally I would be really happy if you share this around to get as many musicians into the boat as possible!

Sounds like a plan?

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