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Hey, I am Alex

I am a Hamburg, Germany based composer, sound designer, guitarist and writer … and I am here to help and provide some support for artists, musicians and composers.

What I have to offer

Building Your Personal Brand

We composers and artists are more than “getting hired”. While many people complain about finding a job, I would say that there was never a better time than 2019 to start creating yourself and start building your personal brand.

Let me know if you need assistance!

Keeping a sane mind in the audio industry

Stress, deadlines and never enough time to take care of yourself?

Problems to cut off your thinking and trouble falling asleep?

Let’s work on this!


Interviews with fellow artist ... and more

Check out interviews with fellow artists and get an insight into their workflow and attitude towards life.

Last but not least, find valuable information about the audio industry, music writing tips, and essential knowledge about structuring your workday.

Visitor and course student voices

I was very impressed with the course “The Balanced Artist.”

The content is very well done, interesting and extremely positive. In this current world, where there is so much stress, anxiety, problems related to work or relationships, social pressures, etc., it was something very important for my day to day life.

Definitely for me one of the best investments you can make in your career!

Andre M.

guitarist, composer, writer

I’ve read 100s or maybe even 1000s of audio and composing articles over the years, but “Twelve Steps to a Well Structured Composer’s Workday” is the first one which is maybe as important as all of them!

Alexey P.


I am for a long time in the industry man. It is rare to find such precise words and advise like you gave in “How to get into almost Every Branch of the Audio Industry!”

Alex, it is wonderful what you share with everybody. Thanks for that. A true inspiration for all of us. In the end we are all in the same boat just going for different directions. Thanks mate.

Sascha K.


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Seven Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Seven Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

There is something nasty sitting in the back of our head every artist has to deal with sooner or later. The uncomfortable feeling of questioning yourself and everything you do. Here are seven ways to overcome self-doubt. 1. Don't compare yourself A...

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