Please meet Jenny Leigh Hodgins!

Jenny is a creativepreneur offering strategies for creativity and spiritual wellness at Currently, while posting weekly content as a blogger and podcast host, Jenny is writing two ebooks and building courses to launch soon.

She also has piano-based original music at  and an audio post production team at 

Besides being a digital creativepreneur, she is also an educator, writer/poet, blogger/podcast host, photographer and composer/pianist/vocalist (while juggling her role as caregiver to her 79-year old mother).

1. What do you do to keep a sane mind as a creative person?

Eating well, moving physically, taking time for solitude, prayer and nature, and getting regular rest are part of my strategy for spiritual wellness. Though much of that seems physical, it’s amazing how much that affects my spiritual condition.

As for internal worries, sometimes it’s a moment to moment inner battle with my stress because I’m such a deep thinker and feel things richly in my heart! 

I take the attack approach to my mental stress. When I feel fear or worry about things, I attack that negative voice with a vengeance by taking swift, consistent and positive action! 

Rather than allowing myself the luxury of worry, I combat inner negative talk with taking the actions most impactful toward reaching the goals I’ve set. 

I don’t have time to worry if I’m always advancing toward my goals. I take away my focus or time from my inner negativity and redirect myself toward positive actions and thoughts.

Dealing with external stress or challenges caused by interactions with others, or my favorite demon, technology (learning curves or glitches), I prepare my life-state consistently through my morning routine. 

I usually rise early and either do yoga, walk, cycle or go to the pool nearly every day, and I spend time building my spiritual core by chanting, a kind of active meditation. I’ve been an SGI Buddhist for 33 years, so my twice daily chanting (am/pm), is profoundly instrumental toward maintaining my spiritual optimism. 

This consistent spiritual practice helps me tap my inner wisdom and compassion to face challenges directly. It also fuels my ability to remain undefeated by life’s difficulties and to use my personal failures as a springboard toward growth and to polish myself further. 

The point is I give myself the time to forge my inner hope, and take care of my health, too.

2. How do you maintain your creativity?

Caring for my physical and spiritual wellness directly affects my creativity. I also find incredible inspiration from nature. I’m always stopping to take a quick iPhone photo of something in my ordinary environment that just astounds me with its innate beauty.

I also find hearing from or talking with fellow creators is incredibly refreshing to my creative flow. Hearing and seeing how someone else creates art, stories, songs, lyrics, soundscapes, music, dance moves or a visual display is always intriguing. 

Getting a perspective that’s not mine opens up a new idea within my own creative mind. It always awes me that creators of uniquely diverse backgrounds and styles have access to the same universally accessible source for creative production. That evidence of our connection as humans and artists empowers my ideas.

So, exploring other artists works and how they approach creation is one way I maintain my own creativity.

I also aim for a basically regular routine. I sit down every day to write or compose or play something. Just working on my craft and my discipline itself will often bring me an idea. If not, at least I’ve been present. I think being there regularly to receive and be open to an idea is a big part of sparking inspiration.

Like Beethoven said, “A line a day.”  Even if that’s all I can muster, I showed up.

3. What was your best investment so far when it comes to the topics above?

My best investment with regard to nurturing creativity and spiritual wellness is time. 

Setting aside and guarding my time for self-care in those areas as I need it. When I neglect the things that nurture my creative and spiritual wellness, my attitude plummets and my productivity is subpar. 

But when I give myself time and space —which for me transforms into fuel for fresh creativity—I‘m able to bounce back with great vigor and positivity. 

It sounds simple and not unique, but balancing with rest and self-care activities brings inspired energy to my creative output. 

Thank you so much, Jenny!

Hey, my name is Alex

Hey, my name is Alex

Composer & Sound designer


The audio industry can be a rough place! Stress, deadlines, writer’s block, impostor syndrome, lack of creativity and self-confidence … and problems marketing yourself.

Welcome to my blog, your resource on how to keep a sane mind in the audio industry and maintain your creativity!

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