With these words, I want to introduce an interview series called Mind Bits, and I am incredibly proud to have my first questions answered by none other than Trevor Morris.

Trevor Morris is a two-time Emmy award-winning composer for Film, TV and Interactive music and you certainly know him as the musical wizard of the TV series Vikings!

He is hard at work on this upcoming YouTube channel where he intends to give back to his community with all his trials, tribulations and trade secrets. Please make sure to subscribe to his channel here:


1. What do you do to keep a sane mind in the audio industry?

Trevor: Having a family has really been a grounding force in my life in a way I never saw coming. It brings a sense of grounded realism, nothing is fake everything is authentic. It brings me joy in a way I never thought I deserved to have.

On top of that lately, physical fitness and exercise have come more into focus, its a great stress relief. And lastly, I would say the game of Golf, which is more like Zen archery.  For me, it’s very meditative.

2. How do you maintain your creativity?

Trevor: It can be a challenge to keep up with the trends or choose to ignore the trends. But I find my studio inspiring, new software and hardware helps me to get jazzed up. But at the end of the day, I’m a storyteller, so put a good story on the screen in front of me, and it’s hard for me not to get inspired.  That’s why I do what I do.

3. What was your best investment so far when it comes to the topics above?

Trevor: In terms of my studio the best investment I ever made was in world-class monitoring (speakers)I write on a full 5.1 system with large format speakers that will rival most any mixing engineer or studio. For me the sonic window I look through (listen through) and the fidelity and euphonic nature of how I monitor is constantly inspiring.

It’s not a cheap venture, but I told my younger composer self as soon as I could afford it I would step up to world-class monitoring.  Everything else in my studio can come or go, but my speakers are at the Core of how I work.

Outside of equipment, I am fully invested in my family, being a husband and a father to best of my ability. Investing in other people rarely has a downside, and being a father has made me a more patient composer as well. They say you teach your kids, but in the end, they really teach you – it’s absolutely true.

Thank you so much, Trevor and good luck with your ongoing career and upcoming episodes on your YouTube channel!

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