We artists and composers seem to have a special relationship with money. On one side we turned our hobby into our business, but on the other, we are many times, forced to execute this hobby to make our living. In one moment we are playfully writing a new track, in the next, we have to negotiate a potential deal which could ensure our lifestyle for the rest of the year. Many time were are struggling with it because of all kinds of reasons … and somehow there never seems to be enough of it around. Here’s why your attitude towards money matters.

Money Is Evil?

While growing up, we experienced all kinds of impressions about money:

“Money is evil!” … “Always save up money!” … “Money stinks!” … “Don’t waste your money!” “If you make too much money, you will become a greedy rich bastard!” … “There are more important things than money!” … “I don’t need much money; I just want to be happy!”

While it is true that you shouldn’t waste your money as soon as you made some, other sayings are just utter plain bullshit.

How can money be evil? It is an item enabling you to buy things and services.

Can a pen be evil? Doesn’t it depend on what’s on your mind? A pen was designed to put ink on paper. So you can write a love letter, but you can also stick it into someone’s eye. It depends on you and your intentions.

The same goes for money. You can buy a kitchen knife and stab someone, or you can use it to support a charitable project in Africa.

In other words, if you are about to become a rich greedy bastard, chances are very high you already have been a greedy bastard before.

Oh, and yes, there are of course way more important things than money, but wouldn’t it be cool to finally be able to finance that trip with your best buddies, instead of keep on talking about it?

Deep happiness is an essential thing in life. I agree! But deep happiness on a sunny beach while having three weeks off without the need to worry about your not yet available project is even better.

Eliminate this negative set of beliefs about money and turn it into something positive!

“I welcome money in my life” … “Money is essential” … “I want money in my life because I have so many plans to make this world a better place!”

Did you ever meditate about money?

Okay okay, I am aware that chances are pretty high right now that you imagine me, writing this article with two empty bottles of wine next to me. Let me ensure you that this paragraph won’t be some esoteric, weird bullshit.

Let me explain!

Your thoughts create action. When you wake up in the morning, telling yourself that this day will be awesome and that no matter what will happen can bring you down, that you will meet lovely people today and that you will fully appreciate yet another exciting day full of opportunities on this beautiful planet, then positivity will also come towards you.

Not because positivity is a little fairy sitting somewhere on a cloud saying: “Oh look, that person expresses a positive attitude at its finest! Let’s jump down for a few hours and swing my magic wand!”

No, it will happen because you open yourself up towards everything positive happening during this day while ignoring nagging little things which, to be honest, most of the time aren’t problems at all, but only you, venting about random shit because you like to distract yourself from the real issues bugging you! … but that’s another topic!

Do it! Try it! Sit down for five minutes every day for a few weeks and think about money being all around you. That you deserve it and that it will enable you to do and achieve great things!

Instead of locking money away you got at home, put it around your working desk, next to your bed or in the kitchen. See yourself and know what it feels like being surrounded by it!

Still seeing those two empty bottles of wine? Give me another chance and read my next paragraph about …

A little personal financial story

The last twelve months have been one of the most difficult financial ones of my entire life. While making a decent amount of money in 2017 and the first half of 2018, I ventured into something new. I somehow felt that I had to go that path.

So I was following it, sticking to it, working on it, sometimes day and night by always being aware of my health.

Financially, my new endeavor wasn’t risky, because I had saved up a bit, and because of steady incoming royalties, my life seemed to be secured.

The more I worked, experimented, researched, and tried, the more I realized that the project I was creating, was way bigger than I had ever imagined. It would take a long, long time until completion, but I still had the urge to work on it!

Then, at one point, it seemed as if a financial meteor hit my life. I don’t want to go too much into details, but it all started with a 40% income loss of royalties. All the things following felt as if a meteor with a secret nuclear bomb in the middle impacted on me. As if it couldn’t get worse, around the same time my credit card was hacked and the tax office, confusing their own terms, locked down my bank account – now I know who had two bottles of wine that day!

Of course, I was trying to come up with solutions but still kept going as much as possible on my path. My days were mixed of self-doubt and overcoming it again, sticking and focusing on my way as much as I could.

I can’t go into too many details at this point, but then one day I had a conversation, leading to an opportunity, which led to not just one but two further opportunities. The weirdest thing was, all these opportunities had nothing to do with my new endeavor … but suddenly I was able to see the whole picture, because the combined sum of money of all these upcoming working opportunities was the sum I was frequently meditating about for the last months!

Please get this right: It is not about wishing something from the universe and it comes the next day, nicely wrapped up as a present! Focusing and meditation is about shifting yourself towards your goal and making it happen even if all the small steps doesn’t seem to make sense for you … yet!

You Are a Badass at Making Money

Last but not least I want to bring your attention to a very fascinating book written by Jen Sincero. It is called “You Are A Badass At Making Money” and it truly helped me and lifted me up when feeling down, gave me motivation and power to move on … and changed my life in many ways. Thank you, Jen!