Did you ever experience a meditation session that has been exclusively done for the creative minds of the audio industry, accompanies you during one full workweek and reminds you to take off a few moments from work to reboot your brain on a daily basis? No? Me neither!

That’s why I sat down and created one! For the following five days I will send you a little session each day which is no longer than five minutes.

The duration of the first session is just ONE minute … and to be honest, if you say that you even don’t have one minute of time during this day, you are just making use of the lamest excuse of all lame excuses! 😉

Simply sign up below to receive the first session within the next few minutes!

Hey, my name is Alex

Hey, my name is Alex

Composer & Sound designer


The audio industry can be a rough place! Stress, deadlines, writer’s block, impostor syndrome, lack of creativity and self-confidence … and problems marketing yourself.

Welcome to my blog, your resource on how to keep a sane mind in the audio industry and maintain your creativity!

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