Self confidence is the core which defines how we see ourselves, interact with others and how we face all kinds of situations and problems! Download this 15 page workbook on how to skyrocket your self confidence!

First let’s define what a potential lack of self confidence could be.

As a little example: You are at a meeting or working in the studio with other producers and artists. Depending on your self confidence, you may feel intimidated by the presence of one of your colleagues. You also may feel insecure in between all these people because you have some sort of self doubt. You may think that you are not worth being here or have problems to talk about your point of view on the project you are all working on.

On the other hand, you could also act superior by constantly correcting mistakes the others are doing, because you feel the need of ranking and positioning yourself in between all these people you really see as competition. In a way this is also some sort of a lack of self confidence, because if you are self confident, you know what you are capable of and that you are participating on this project for a reason!

Assuming your self confidence is the foundation of a house, how are you supposed to be building and expanding on it, if the basics are shaky and unstable?

In order to start how to skyrocket your self confidence to see some first positive results coming in soon, download this 15 pages workbook “How to boost your self confidence” and start implementing these contained steps into your every day life.

I would really love to hear back from you! What part did you like most? Is there something I have been missing? Let me know!

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