We may all know the following situations. You are about or made the jump to compose music professionally, but even though you’ve sent application mails, called every company or put your demo reels to all channels possible, there are not enough or no jobs in sight.

Also, you may work for companies regularly as a freelancer, but at some point, they don’t have any work available.

Whatever the reason is, sometimes you have to find other ways to make some extra money to keep your main career going. In this blog post, I want to introduce you to four easy ways to make some extra money as a composer.


Since you are a composer, you most likely learned to play one or several instruments. Instead of giving lessons to just a handful of people visiting your studio, why not teaching twice the amount of students while you are even sleeping?

Skillshare is a video-driven course platform enabling you to teach students from all around the world. Skillshare is great because you get paid depending on how many minutes of your content has been watched.

Students on that platform don’t have to buy anything from you since they already pay a membership. Therefore they can check out an unlimited amount of lessons.

I tested Skillshare a few weeks ago and uploaded a roughly one-hour-class about how to create a Kontakt instrument from scratch. When I checked out my royalties, I was amazed, considering the fact that the effort to develop this class didn’t take weeks and weeks of work.

Be original, explain well and post regular classes and imagine what royalties you could earn with teaching what you can do best!

If you want to check out Skillshare, you can use the link below to get free Premium access for two months:

Skillshare – get free Premium access for two months

Amazon Associates

Did you know that you can make money by getting into their affiliate marketing program? In general, after you set up an Amazon Associates account, every time someone orders something through your referral link of a project, you get a commission fee of 5 – 10%, depending on the product.

The best thing is, even if that person clicking your link is not going to buy your presented product but orders something else within 24 hours, you also get the commission fee. Image your referral link leads to some guitar stands because you want to promote them due to their quality. Someone clicks that link but decides to buy a 1999 USD flatscreen TV …

Now, you may ask why or how should you make use of that Amazon Associates program. I would like to point out that you are a creative person. So the following examples would come to my mind:

  • Setting up a website presenting the best violin accessories or tools, because hey, you are a professional violinist. Who knows best about additional gadgets making the life of a violinist easier than you do.
  • Set up a YouTube channel and record little videos of presenting “Best guitar equipment 2019” and lead your viewers right to the products via your referral links.
  • If you have a blog presenting new products anyway, why not get into the Amazon Associates program and make some extra money by putting your referral link instead of the direct link. It doesn’t make the buyer pay more.
  • Tell your family or friends that whenever they are about to order something from Amazon to send you a message. You send back the generated link leading to that product and suddenly they support your music career in a very easy way.

You can sign up right here:

Amazon Associates Program


In case you consider selling your own music, and you still don’t generate enough traffic from your social networks to your artist page, consider contests!

You may have an old instrument at home or a new album coming out soon? Fine, you already got something to give away. However, the contest I am talking about has a little extra twist.

There is a platform called UpViral enabling you to host contests. The special twist would be, instead of having a participant to sign up via the email address in order to win, you provide them with a personal viral link.

This viral link can then be shared through the participant’s social networks, enabling more participants to sign up for the contest. In return, the poster of the viral link receives points for every new successfully signed up member. Every new member also receives a personal viral link enabling them to invite even more members who also gather points.

Define the winner as the person with the most points and literally see your contest burning through the web like a fire through dry grass!

I also did a test run with UpViral and hosted a contest a while ago. I was able to gather 852 (safely kept) email addresses for my mailing list.

In my example, I would have “generated” 850 potential buyers for my new album. Usually, the conversion rate is around 1%. Meaning, as in my case above, about 8 people would buy my new album.

Considering your album price to be 10 USD, you would have made 80 USD. I also should mention that UpViral is 35/49 USD monthly (depending on standard or pro). If you do more contests and be able to gather more email addresses, you may have found an excellent way to grow your email list.

Check out UpViral here:

UpViral – The Ultimate Viral Referral System


My last suggestion sounds like a bit of a weird one, but maybe you read on before you judge me 😉

Teespring is a website selling T-Shirts and lots of other stuff such as iPhone cases or beach towels. The cool thing about Teespring is the opportunity to design your own products and once published they will be visible on the full platform.

Besides that, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create some funny logos or phrases. Make use of services such as GraphicSprings, Logaster or Canva and have some decent designs ready in a few hours.

Be creative! Sit down for a day and come up with some unique stuff and once you got 20 or 30 designs down and published, expect some cash coming in!

Furthermore, if you have a band, voila, you already got your merchandising covered!

Here is the link to Teespring:


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