Sometimes deadlines are tight, and work has to get done. Without much of an introduction, let’s jump right into the topic! Here are five ways to be a more efficient music composer!

Templates & Presets

The most efficient thing you can do is to prepare DAW templates. Since times have changed, in my opinion, “one template to rule them all” only makes sense if you have a team who cares about your hard- and software.

Things can get tricky if the music styles you work in are too far apart from each other. A well-processed drumset only can easily take up to 20% of CPU or even more. An entire orchestral setup, a massive choir, and a fully featured percussion section added to such a current project can clutter up your template pretty quickly.

That’s why I would always suggest to either have templates for each of your music styles or even better, individual sections which you can easily pull in whenever you need!

The drag and drop feature in Presonus Studio One, for example, is pretty impressive, and it makes it easy to dial in whatever you need within seconds.

Think man-hours

If you are working from home or have your own music studio, I would always suggest thinking in man hours. Especially when it comes to cleaning.

Instead of wasting two hours each week to get your studio back in shape, I would hire a cleaning service. So, if you’re hiring someone who is charging around 20 USD for two hours per week, you could probably get stuff done in ten hours each month, worth more than 80 USD.

The illusion of working more

There is an essential aspect when it comes to the efficiency of your brain! Don’t think, that only because you force yourself to work more, you get done more.

I already talked about this in a previous blog post dealing with the structure of a composer’s workday.

It is crucial for your brain to have enough rests in between your working blocks.

If you can take a walk for around 20 minutes, you will be way more efficient after that break as if you would have spent in front of the monitor all the time!

Another solution would be to cook your meal. You move around a lot, and you focus on something entirely different than writing music or creating sound.

Turn off your phone and your social networks

The headline says it all! When trying to be creative, your biggest enemy is your smartphone notifications and the constant checking of that little social network blue bell icon for red numbers!

Just turn it off and try to be productive as possible for at least one hour. Ironically I see composers praising the efficiency of their working day all the time while writing their umpteenth comment on some non-sense making political conspiracy Facebook post!

Boost your brain cells

There is tons of evidence that blueberries, green tea, curcumin, and omega 3 oil can boost the process of regrowing brain cells and improve your creativity, focus and overall thinking!

In case you are interested in this topic, I also wrote a full blog post about neurogenesis. You can check it out here:

Just in case you want to read more about the full science of neurogenesis, you can find the book “The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle: Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life”, written by Brant Cortright right here on Amazon.

I really recommend this book. As cheesy at it sounds, but it may change your life!

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