Hey, I am Alex Pfeffer

I am a self employed composer, guitarist and sound designer from Hamburg, Germany with 15+ years of experience.  

It all started when I picked up my first guitar at the age of 14. Fast forward six years of private guitar lessons, studying music at the Los Angeles College of Music, hanging around for a few years in recording studios and finally got started my own project studio in my parent’s basement, I landed my first video game job as a composer.

Very early I began to understand the importance of social networking and having a balanced life/work relationship, leading me from one successful project to another.

Besides my composing and sound design skills , I would also like to offer you to get more information on how to kickstart your career, maintain your worklife balance and be able to promote yourself across all the social networks.

I worked for many video games (Wolfenstein, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Risen 3, Battleforge etc.), wrote lots of movie trailer and production music (Pacific Rim, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes etc.) and created audio content and official sound library demos for many world class sample library developers such as East West Quantum Leap, 8Dio, Cinesamples, Audio Imperia etc.!

I also was audio editor on the 60 million EUR show “EQUILA” which is currently being performed in Munich, Germany. Furthermore I am also an arranger to Frank Peterson who produced Sarah Brightman, Gregorian, Andrea Bocelli and many others!)

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