“No, I am not able to run around all day, smiling and pretending to be happy!”

This is probably the biggest misconception of happiness I have heard and seen so many times in my life. Today I want to clear up what it means to be truly happy!

Happiness is not about running around, smiling and pretending to be happy. It is not about telling everyone with raised arms and a fake smile that life is so brilliantly uberamazing right now!

True happiness is a mindset and an attitude. True happiness simply means to perfectly know, that on a rainy day, the sun is still shining and will soon be visible again in all its glory, surrounded by a blue sky.

In other words, it is totally okay to cry, curse and complain. It is totally okay to be in a bad mood, to be desperate, angry and sad. It is totally okay to have a bad day, as long as you are being aware that after a potential bad day, a good or even a great one will follow!

The important thing is to not get stuck with “whining about things”. If you feel bad, feel bad. If you feel like crying, cry it all out! If you feel like cursing and screaming, take a pillow, cover your mouth and let it all out!

Here is the important part:
Once it is out, leave it behind and stop bathing yourself in compassion. It is obviously the best thing and very important to talk with people when you have a problem and some problems surely can last a bit longer than others, … but at some point, you should accept what you can’t change, change what you can … and let go!

Start to surround yourself with people in order to get affected by their positive energy and ground yourself once in a while how good you really got it.

Problems are always relative and it all depends on your mindset and attitude to actually realize what a great life you have!

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