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Maintaining Your Creativity

We all experienced stress, tight deadlines, trouble with clients, lack of self-confidence, creativity or suffered from the impostor syndrome.
Learn how to get into the upwards spiral, how to stay away from negative thinking and turning into the best version of yourself.

Building Your Personal Brand

It's 2019 and the following has become more relevant to us, creative people, than anything else:
Building your personal brand.
Be aware that you are more than "needing to get hired". Learn how to promote yourself the right way and let customers and clients contacting you, instead the other way around.

Interviews, Sample Libraries, Tricks & Tips

Read interviews with highly acclaimed composers, musicians and creative minds. Get an insight on my production tricks or even check out some of my sample libraries.



Head over to my courses and learn more about "The Balanced Artist". This course will provide you with daily lessons to put you back into balance and improve your future life as a working artist within one month.

More content and courses coming soon!


Sample Library Store

Check out my intuitive and affordable sample libraries. Download freebies and test them before you buy them.

Eventually get a nice discount by turning the "Wheel of Fortune" or sign up my affiliate network.


Blog Section

Five ways how to build your composing career in 2019? Where to go in the audio industry? Four easy ways to make extra money as a composer? How to get into almost every branch of the audio industry

This and more, you can find right here in my blog section.

Customer and visitor stories

Andre M. - guitarist, composer, writer

I was very impressed with the course "The Balanced Artist."

The content is very well done, interesting and extremely positive. In this current world, where there is so much stress, anxiety, problems related to work or relationships, social pressures, etc., it was something very important for my day to day life.

Definitely for me one of the best investments you can make in your career!

Alexey P. - composer

I’ve read 100s or maybe even 1000s of audio and composing articles over the years, but "Twelve Steps to a Well Structured Composer’s Workday" is the first one which is maybe as important as all of them!

To sum up it’s about self-discipline, life and workwise. Of course there are 14 hours sessions sometimes, but this shouldn’t be an everyday trough, otherwise, you’ll go wild and have a burnout really fast.

Sascha K. - composer

I am for a long time in the industry man. It is rare to find such precise words and advise like you gave in "How to get into almost Every Branch of the Audio Industry!"

Alex, it is wonderful what you share with everybody. Thanks for that. A true inspiration for all of us. In the end we are all in the same boat just going for different directions. Thanks mate.

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